Why are we a legit CBD company?

We are a legit CBD company because we care about what goes into your body as much as we care about what goes into our body and our animal’s bodies

Able Hemp is a two-person operation with a lot of additional support. From help in the field during harvest to admin help in the office, we are fortunate to have this support. But, we are a two-person show nonetheless. Now, how does that affect our legitimacy? good question, It doesn’t. Right now we are a small (even micro-small) company that is looking to establish itself in a competitive market and in the aftermath of a challenging 2020 year. How we differentiate Able Hemp is by our commitment to local and sustainable actions in the field and in the relationships, we build as well.

So how did Able Hemp start?

We have built this company from the ground floor starting in 2019 with over 50% of our start-up money coming internally and the remainder coming from a loan. Since then, we have built two websites, formulated 5+ products, been denied services by multiple banks, web-hosts, Facebook (for operating a CBD business), and grown almost 3,000 hemp plants over two years. And all this while marketing, advertising, building relationships, building infrastructure, moving sites, spraying, irrigating, planting and long days harvesting while loving every moment of it.

picture of Nick and Kara of Able Hemp

Here is why Able Hemp is Legit

  • Batch test everything we produce.
  • Test batches throughout time to better understand our products consistency
  • Post and explain our lab results on our Trustworthy CBD testing page
  • Licensed to grow and sell hemp in and from the state of Oregon
  • Our products are made in an ODA inspected commercial food kitchen (GMP kitchen)
  • Have full compliance testing on our CBD distillate oil
  • Organic amendments on our fields (seeking Organic certification)
  • Inspect the land that we grow on thoroughly before planting to avoid areas damaged by heavy metals and pesticides. (not as easy as you would hope)
  • Products formulated with love

With a little hemp, we are all able

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