CBD and Coffee: Our Hot Take

My personal trial with CBD and coffee Whether it is a relaxing morning or a hectic scramble to get the kids to the bus, many of us like to begin our mornings with a cup of coffee. The only problem is that sometimes your favorite warm beverage will leave you feeling a...

CBD Dosage: For You and Your Dog

Each human is unique, and so will your dosage for CBD. That’s not the simple answer you were looking for? Of course not, but just like our journey to our best self, or at least better health, nothing is truly a one size fits all approach! A common misconception is...

Black Plastic mulch VS Buckwheat Living mulch-Trial 2019

Black plastic mulch is a commonly used tool in row-crop and hemp agriculture as it increases the growing degree days (GDD) for the crop being produced as well as suppresses weeds that would otherwise grow up in the row. So what’s a GDD? Good question. A GDD is a...
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