Whole plant CBD Salve – 1,000mg + menthol

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Able Hemp Whole-plant, extra-strength salve with 1,000mg CBD is the only salve you will want to use as an active person. Giving you immediate relief from pain and inflammation, this salve was made with the greatness of actual hemp-flower and just a hint of menthol. you will be wondering why you haven’t been using this for years.

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1oz Whole Plant CBD Salve with 1,000mg

*Plus menthol

This New and improved version of our whole plant CBD salve is now stronger than ever! With 1,000mg of CBD, this extra-strength salve is just what you need to deal with pain and inflammation. Made with infused hemp flower, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, essential oils, and now a small amount of menthol. This salve works wonders on aches and pains.

We love being outside in our garden in all seasons, but sometimes conditions can be tough on our hands. That's why we made this. It feels so soothing you may want to include it in your daily routine, working outside or not.

At 1,000mg in a 1 oz jar, this salve is the strongest we have seen in the market so far. Feel the difference of extra strength CBD salve on your hands, back, or neck pain. Or, just keep your hands from cracking while out on your next adventure. Many hand creams and moisturizers come off after little use or just getting wet. Not this salve. Take it on your next rainy Oregon hike and see for yourself how this stuff stays on and soothes aches. For best results, apply right after a nice shower or bath and really feel it relax those tense muscles.

What is Whole plant CBD Salve?

The difference in our salve is that we start our process by adding dried hemp flower "whole-buds" to our hot coconut oil. This extracts cannabinoids as well as lipids, terpenes, plant waxes, and amino acids. The entourage effect in full force! Then we test for potency to see how much more CBD we need to add (usually not much more). This process gives a green color to our salve and a slightly creamy texture even before the shea butter is added. It also gives it a little "herbal smell". That's the terpenes in cannabis, or what gives cannabis its smell. They also help CBD penetrate into our skin. But, because they smell herbaceous, we decided to mask them with essential oils, including menthol.

Use in combination with our Hemp Extract

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2 reviews for Whole plant CBD Salve – 1,000mg + menthol

  1. ferguson2019

    This is Nick Shown. owner/operator of Able Hemp. In the winter of 2022, I had five anchors surgically placed into my shoulder to repair damage from farming, work, and life really. This salve has given me the relief I really needed post-surgery and I am so happy to be sharing it with all of you. I know I am biased, but this is the best thing I’ve found to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. And, it’s all-natural!

  2. Dee

    Happened across this salve during a weekend outing and boy, do I love it! I sustained a recent injury and this product has helped me tremendously. After trying many products on the market, I can confidently say that this is a winner!

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