Full Spectrum CBD Extract – 1000mg

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Able Hemp full spectrum CBD extract is made from only the best ingredients. 1,000mg CBD is what dominate the cannabinoid profile but, it also contains CBG, CBD and yes, some THC. This is what full spectrum is all about. It’s not just one cannabinoid, but the spectrum that makes this stand out. Tastless, this extract can either be dropped into your mouth and held under your tongue for 10 seconds or be added to just about anything you can think of. Seriously. Salad, smoothies, coffee, over ice-cream, popcorn with a movie. You name it.

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This Hemp Extract is perfect for immediate relief or regular daily use. Take it in a stressful moment when you need to relax now or for best results take it every day or night for a more consistent state of mind and a much improved sleep cycle. Results may very, but we often feel the CBD effect with this product within 10-20 minutes of taking it especially if you allow it to soak under your tongue for a few seconds allowing our extract time to adsorb before entering your liver. This is important to remember because when you take something and just swallow it, you are not allowing your body to properly process what you are taking and much of it is lost through your liver processes.

Take alone or easily add it to any drink like coffee or a morning protein shake. Add our hemp extract to a salad by mixing it in the dressing or even to popcorn just right over the top! You could even come up with some new CBD cocktail recipe! The options for what you can put this into are endless. But remember, you need good contact with your mouth to get best results.

Made with fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil) commonly known as a super food and excellent energy for the brain. This oil is also really good for our four-legged friends fur coats, but make sure to adjust dosage to the size of the animal and their tolerance level. We started our dogs off with 10mg total which is about 1/3 of a full dropper. This will ensure sweet relief for man’s best friends to live their fullest life by your side!

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hemp extract 1000mg


2 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Extract – 1000mg

  1. Michael

    I have tried so many things for stress and anxiety with no real help. This worked right away and 10 stars from me!

  2. carmelita Nunez

    Able Hemp has been the best CBD brand I have ever tried! It really helps calm my anxiety and have mental clarity while helping me sleep really well. I also trust the safety of this brand! Thank you for making such a wonderful product

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