Full-spectrum CBD Honey – 1000mg

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Able Hemp is very excited to bring you high quality Full Spectrum CBD Honey. Made with our full-spectrum sustainably farmed hemp oil and locally sourced honey.


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Full Spectrum CBD Honey

Our Full Spectrum CBD honey is made with our CBD oil blended into locally sourced honey. This sweet treat will give you sweet dreams. Our hemp honey is made with white-clover honey from local beekeepers at Queen Bee Honey Co. They're right down the road from us and produce only the best honey for our products.

Our honey has more benefits than CBD alone. filled with minor cannabinoids, all of our products also contain CBG, CBC, and CBN. This is a major part of what makes up the entourage effect and why our products are sure to be the best CBD product you've tried yet. But the proof is in the honey jar.

You can put this CBD Honey on almost anything

Use this Full Spectrum CBD Honey anytime. It's great on toast, in tea or even right out of the jar for a snack. For best results you will want the honey warm. I wouldn't put this into the microwave as it might damage the cannabinoids in the honey. Instead use a hot water bath or eat it on things like toast or tea. This is a great way to help make the honey more fluid. By eating too cold or quickly or even with too much other food you can miss out on some of the goodness. I know, It's tough eating slow when it tastes so good! My favorite way is to put our CBD honey in hot tea.

We personally love it as a natural sleep aid and goes great with sleepy time tea. Best part, you wake up with no side effects. Instead feeling rested and optimistic, not groggy and depressed like what can happen with melatonin

Also try our CBD Honey Sticks for when you're on your next adventure and don't want to bring your bulky jar.

With a little hemp, we are all able.

4 reviews for Full-spectrum CBD Honey – 1000mg

  1. Rene

    As someone who has not ever used a hemp product I was completely thrilled with the results! I have had a lot of trouble sleeping during these stressful times, and over the counter sleep aids were causing me to wake up feeling really groggy. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying Able Hemp Honey. I followed their suggestion of having a teaspoon in my tea before bed, and I had the best night of sleep I’d had in what feels like forever.

    I’m feeling so good it’s become my nightly ritual. I can’t say enough good things about it!

    Very satisfied customer,

  2. Julie

    This stuff is DELICIOUS. I have never been a huge fan of honey, but I love this so much, I keep going back and getting a little more. It is strong, be cautious with it. I took a little more than recommended and was out like a light! A teaspoon is perfect, ahhhh.

  3. Wombat

    This stuff makes me so happy!!! It works so consistently, something I’ve found lacking in other CBD products. If you are second guessing the price, know that I’ve used it a 3-4 times a week for two months and I still have almost another month’s worth left, I’d guess. And that’s with taking a full teaspoon most of the time: for me, this feels recreational (I’m pretty sensitive to cannabis products, so not sure what your experience will be), and for pain and mood I take only half as much or less.

    Really an outstanding product. My favorite CBD product of all I’ve tried over the years. I’m planning on having this on hand as long as it exists!!!

  4. carmelita Nunez

    I am in love with this honey! I have to keep myself from eating it on everything so that it can last!

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