5 Pack – CBD Honey Sticks – 35mg ea


These Full Spectrum CBD Honey sticks will make you say WOW! Amazing flavor coupled with the relaxing and therapeutic effect of CBD, CBG, CBC, and yes, some THC make this honey sticks hard to resist. With 35mg CBD in each honey stick (175mg CBD per bag) you WILL feel the difference of our full-spectrum CBD honey sticks. Blended with local, raw, Willamette Valley Oregon Meadowfoam honey, we proudly work with the best local Corvallis OR area apiaries. Our meadowfoam CBD honey sticks have a wonderful marshmallow flavor that will take you back to sitting by a fire pit with good friends and family. And, if you haven’t seen a field of meadowfoam yet, drive around the Southern Willamette Valley in the early summer looking for seas of white. Then, open the window to smell the heavenly beauty that is Meadowfoam in bloom.



5 pack CBD honey sticks now made with Meadowfoam honey!

New and improved 35mg each CBD honey sticks, now available in convenient 5 packs!  These CBD honey sticks are everything that is great about full-spectrum CBD. Relaxing, effective, and now with Meadowfoam honey! They are maybe the best tasting CBD honey combo available on the market. In order to guarantee the highest quality of honey, we procure our honey in the early summer when the honey is the freshest. We also partner with the best local apiaries around too, like Queen Bee Honey Co. Why do our CBD honey sticks work so well? well, it’s not only the CBD, CBC, CBG, and <0.3 THC, but it’s also the MCT oil we use. Our carrier oil is MCT oil which allows our full-spectrum CBD to be absorbed into your body more easily. This means you feel the effects of our full-spectrum CBD honey sticks even more! If you want to hear about one of our customer’s experiences with our CBD honey, check this article out.

What is Meadowfoam honey and where does it come from?

The Meadowfoam plant has a very interesting history in the Pacific Northwest. As a native plant to Northern California and Southern Oregon, the name Meadowfoam name is derived from the resemblance of the white foam visible on the ocean surface. Look for it while driving country roads in the South Willamette Valley. Once you find it, roll the windows down and enjoy the sensory symphony!

Why do farmers grow Meadowfoam in the first place?

Meadowfoam seed oil became the replacement oil for sperm whale oil in the mid-1970s. Sperm Whale oil was used in many applications such as lubrication of fine machinery and was a very valuable resource at the time. Meadowfoam oil was found to be equally useful in lubricating fine-tuned machinery and quickly became the replacement. Meadowfoam also helped farmers break disease cycles in their fields as a bio-remediator, much like Hemp! This meant that farmers burned their fields less often. (Which was a very often used practice in the 1970s). Meadowfoam, as a plant, needs to be insect-pollinated (Entomophily) in order to produce a seed that can be pressed to make oil. Thus, Honey is the by-product of the Meadowfoam seed oil industry and just so happens to be my favorite honey on the planet! I love it when plants have so many uses!

We hope you enjoy these full-spectrum CBD Meadowfoam honey sticks as much as we did making them.


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