Full-Spectrum CBD Chocolate Bar – 240mg


Able Hemp partnered with our local Chocolatier at Bursts  Gourmet Chocolates to create a CBD chocolate bar that works to calm your body and mind. Under the guidance of Bursts, we used the most premium and consciously sourced chocolate we could find. These folks know their chocolate and we are glad we listened to their experience.

One bar contains 240 mg of full-spectrum CBD. For every two squares, you will ingest 40mg of full-spectrum CBD. There are six of these servings per bar. The taste of this CBD chocolate bar is so good you won’t even know it has CBD in it, so be careful or you may end up going in for seconds… or thirds.

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Able Hemp full-spectrum CBD Chocolate will melt your worries away!

Able Hemp full spectrum CBD chocolate is the perfect blend of delicious and effective. With six, 40 mg CBD servings in one chocolate bar, you'll be ready to relax with our chocolate at home. But, be careful, this premium chocolate is seriously good, so try not to eat the whole bar in one night!


Who makes Able Hemp’s CBD chocolate?

We partnered with the best chocolate maker in Corvallis, Burst's gourmet chocolates, to bring this chocolate bar to you. One bite and you will know what we’re talking about. As Patrick Magee, owner of Burst's explained; These chocolates are made with “dutched chocolate”. This means they had calcium carbonate added to reduce the acidity and make it more velvety than other chocolates. This makes a big difference in how chocolate feels in your mouth.


Is calcium carbonate bad?

Calcium carbonate is made from the burning of cacao leaves that require burning due to disease pressure in the cacao fields. This process yields a natural ingredient for premium chocolate and serves a purpose for the farmer too. How cool! It's also a natural source of Calcium!


How do you separate a serving?

Simply snap off a row of “squares” and then again snap those pieces off one by one. Now you will have three squares, each with 20mg CBD. Our suggested serving size is two of these squares, but feel free to experiment for yourself. A knife can also be used to help with breaking the pieces apart.


Can I eat these CBD chocolates during the day?

Yes! CBD can be eaten during the day if you need to take a moment for yourself. That's self-care! What’s great is that it gives you that space you need to let go momentarily, so you can also go back to your duties after. The most delicious self-care around!


What can I make with my CBD chocolate bar?

CBD hot chocolate of course!

*While hot cocoa is a very simple combination of water and/or milk and chocolate, CBD hot cocoa has some considerations to be made.


  • How many cups of CBD hot chocolate do you want to make?   

know this before you start so you know how much CBD you’re adding to each cup.

  • How much CBD do you want in each cup?

This is an individual question but for starters, we suggest one serving of 40mg CBD. that’s two squares in each cup. Feel free to experiment with how much CBD you like here though. We all have different preferences.


CBD hot chocolate recipe

This recipe is for one “coffee mug” of CBD hot cocoa, so the ingredients will need to be adjusted for more cups.

  • 2% Milk: 1 ½ cups      (use half and half for a richer drink.)
  • CBD chocolate:           2 squares
  • Your favorite non-CBD chocolate: 1 ounce
  • Additional spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, or cardamom may be sprinkled on top if desired. As a full-hearted Swede, I prefer cardamon.



  1. Heat milk slowly over medium to low heat while stirring with a whisk in a small pot.
  2. Add all chocolate and continue stirring
  3. Do not allow milk to come to a boil

When all chocolate is incorporated, pour your CBD hot chocolate into your favorite mug and dash it with your favorite spices on top.  Caution: contents will be hot, delicious, and oh-so relaxing. Enjoy!


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