Full spectrum CBD extract

Full Spectrum CBD extract is the extracted liquid from hemp plants that is yellow to amber in color when fully processed. We used a small, boutique processor in Southern Oregon to make our extract using ethanol as the solvent (this is what does the extracting). This “organic” approach is safer and more friendly on the environment and allows simple filtering and distillation to remove the residual solvent (ethanol). With our sustainable farmed material, we are able to create an extract that is extremely pure. At around 80% CBD.

But now for the nitty-gritty. To be a full-spectrum CBD product we need more than just CBD… I know, its kinda odd. You thought you were buying CBD right? Right… and you’re also getting CBC, CBG and THC in very small amounts. This is what contributes to our products being “full-spectrum”. It is the combination of these cannabinoids with CBD being by far the dominant cannabinoid that makes our products so effective. This is why I hear all the time from people that our products worked, while they had less than adequate experiences from other formulations. The difference? Full-spectrum CBD Extract.

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