cbd honey

Our CBD honey is the best-tasting cannabinoid honey out there. Made with our full-spectrum CBD oil and local honey from down the road, it’s a spoon full of sunshine that we know you will love.

We use honey from our friends at Queen Bee Apiaries out in Bellfountain Oregon. Their all-natural approach and hard-working bees create this amazing flavorful honey. You can almost taste the valley in it! Due to the limited and seasonal availability of honey, we ofter change the honey “flavor” or flower source. Currently, we are using a Meadowfoam flower honey that is the best thing I’ve tasted in a long time. It’s like honey-flavored marshmallows. This “flavor” is only available in our honey sticks and may become our most popular CBD honey ever.

If you love honey and also enjoy cannabis/hemp, this product is for you. As everyone knows. quality in is quality out and we have the best honey source available. Local, Raw, and delicious.

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