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So, What is CBD exactly? All your questions are answered here in one place!

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid meaning it is a cannabinoid found in plants. CBD was discovered in 1963 but has not been widely researched until recently.

What is CBD honey?

CBD honey is honey that is infused with our full-spectrum CBD. We only use raw, local Willamette Valley, OR honey that we source from one small farm. The honey we use is derived from Meadowfoam flowers which gives the honey a marshmallow flavor. It may be the best honey I’ve ever had! Our CBD is the perfect combination with this tasty honey and is great for giving yourself a break during a stressful day. what a great, natural way to calm an anxious mind!

CBD is legal under the Federal 2018 Farm bill. Each state is subject to its own interpretations of the law and we encourage you to research your state laws before ordering from us. Check out our Terms and Conditions for more info regarding this

Is CBD Psychoactive?


While most people will tell you that CBD is “non-psychoactive” because it does not produce the same effects that THC cannabis does, CBD does still in fact have an effect on us. Here is the definition of psychoactive defined by Merriam Webster: “affecting the mind or behavior” What does CBD do? it interacts with our endocannabinoid system and our central nervous system by enabling balance in our ECS. In turn, These interactions affect our mind by calming us and thus affect our behavior in a positive way. If it wasn’t effective, why would we be using it?

How does CBD work?

CBD works in many different ways depending on the state of your body’s “equilibrium”. It does this by either attaching itself to receptors or by modulating the production of compounds that interact with specific receptors. The Endocannabinoid System is where most phytocannabinoids function, but CBD also interacts with other systems in our body. CBD is also starting to be thought about as a “state-dependent” interaction, one that depends on your body’s current state of equilibrium and adjusts accordingly. These are complicated relationships within our bodies that science is working on figuring out. For Nick’s current understanding of this, check out our blog article coming out in March 2021 on our hemp blog and see what Nick has been able to find out.

My Able Hemp CBD Honey crystalized, what should I do?

It’s normal for all honey to crystalize. If it does, just heat up your oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and place your jar of honey with the lid on once pre-heated. Make sure the lid is not on tight when you place the jar in the oven. Allow the jar of honey to heat for 30 minutes and when all the crystallized honey is liquid again, remove the jar with oven mitts and allow it to cool somewhere safe. Make sure to mix your honey while it is still hot with a fork and redistribute the CBD oil back into the honey and there you go. Ready for you to enjoy.

Does CBD interact with my current medications?

Always consult your doctor before using any new substance if you have underlining medical issues. Generally, CBD is recognized scientifically as safe, but it is best to ask your doctor about CBD in case there is a medication you are on that may be interfered with by CBD. Check out this review of multiple scientific clinical and pre-clinical studies, “An Update on Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol: A Review of Clinical Data and Relevant Animal Studies” for more information on drug interactions. These papers can be difficult to read but are fundamental to our understanding of CBD.

Will CBD cure all of my health issues?

There is not a one-fix “silver bullet” solution that can fix all human health issues. And, I think we all kinda know that. What I have found is that CBD is a great relaxation and sleep aid that I enjoy as part of my wellness approach.

*What is interesting about CBD though is that there is credible research that it can help with certain disorders like drevet syndrome and Lennox-Gaustaut syndrome. Both are rare pediatric neurological syndromes that give children severe seizures. Now, the CBD used for these treatments is similar to ours, but with much more consideration to dosage and consistency of that dose. Our CBD honey is NOT a viable alternative as we suggest users take a teaspoon at a time which is not a very repeatable or specific amount. doses are very specific for children with these disorders and need to be consistent for these epilepsy treatments to be effective. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT IF YOUR CHILD IS SUFFERING FROM ONE OF THESE SYNDROMES OR OTHER NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS THAT YOU CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN BEFORE MAKING ANY DECISION TO PURCHASE A NON-PRESCRIBED CBD PRODUCT. Failure to do so could cause harm to your child.

How much CBD should I take?

Everyone is different in how their body interacts with various substances. Additionally, our bodies change over time. I think it’s important to look at CBD intake as a “state-dependent” interaction. What this means is that depending on your body’s current equilibrium, you may have to increase or decrease your CBD dose to achieve your balance point aka, “homeostasis”. We recommend starting with 25-35mg and always encourage people to use full-spectrum products like ours as they are more effective due to producing the “entourage effect”.

What if CBD doesn’t do anything for me?

As mentioned above, we are all going to have a different state of equilibrium that we need to achieve based on our bodies’ current state. That being said, we are all going to have to adjust the amount of CBD we need to take accordingly. Don’t be afraid to take a higher dose of up to 150mg if that is what you need to do to. Many of the early clinical trials used as high as 500mg or even more in their research on individuals so 150 is well within a safe limit. Be prepared though and make sure you are at home for larger dose trials.

How much CBD should I give my dog or cat?

As your dog or cat is likely much smaller than you are, we recommend adjusting the dose appropriately to the animal’s size. For our 60 lb dog, we give 10-50mg CBD, depending on how much pain he’s in. It should be mentioned too that we give this to a 10-year-old dog (named trucks) who has joint issues and chronic pain. Our 2.5-year-old lab does not require CBD right now and actually gets very groggy when we give it to him, so we treat each dog individually based on their level of equilibrium.

Is Able Hemp’s CBD Certified Organic?

Our Hemp was not certified Organic in 2019 or 2020. However, We only used Organic certified products on our plants and attack our field issues always with sustainability in mind.

buckwheat and Hemp Farm

plastic free farming!

*This means we use things like compost, biological insect, and disease controls and we do not use black plastic mulch.Instead, we use a living mulch made up of the buckwheat plant shown to the right and we keep our irrigation down to a minimum by tracking our water usage along with the available groundwater in the soil with sensors.

Will I be able to pass a drug test after using a CBD product?

Good question. Theoretically yes, but I cannot and WILL NOT guarantee anything. There is a small amount of THC in all of our products as shown in our COA’s on our Trustworthy CBD testing page. The THC percent is always under .3% total THC in all products, but there are too many factors that are out of our control to be able to make a judgment on your life practices.

What’s the difference between full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate?

Full-spectrum CBD is made up of more than just CBD. Our full spectrum CBD distillate also has CBG, CBC, THC, and sometimes CBN as well as CBD but by far the majority cannabinoid is CBD. (79.7% out of 88% total cannabinoids). CBD Isolate on the other hand is made up of only CBD. It is easy for manufacturers to work with and it has zero THC in it making it a little easier for navigating the patchwork of state by state compliances. All this sounds great except one thing. CBD isolate is not effective at lower rates. This has been shown in many research articles where people have taken as much as 600mg of CBD isolate. I think if you ingested 600mg of Able Hemp’s full-spectrum distillate you would sleep for around a week. Discerning between brands and products can be difficult, but if you are using a full spectrum product you’re on the right path. additionally, if you’re using one of our full-spectrum products, it’s likely the best you’ve tried.

What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

Technically there is no difference in the plants. But, how those plants express their “genetic potential” with-in them is very different. Hemp is any Cannabis plant with less than .3% total THC and Marijuana is any Cannabis plant with more than .3% total THC. More of a bureaucratic line than a scientific one.

What’s the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

You’ve seen products on the shelf labeled as Hemp Oil instead of CBD oil… please beware. Hemp oil is more similar to olive oil than it is to CBD oil. It is the pressings of hemp seeds and is very nutritious. But, it has very little if any CBD in it. CBD oil is the raw crude oil removed from the hemp plant (biomass) with solvents (ethanol). Then the ethanol is distilled out leaving the raw distillate oil. Thanks for asking.

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