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With so many CBD products on the market now, it can be overwhelming trying to find one that works best for you. There are different types of products and different dosages and different companies all trying to get you to give them a shot. It can be daunting trying to determine what you like best but the reward can be sweet. Author Angela Johnson has gone through and tried countless forms, brands and dosages of CBD products before finding our CBD honey. Now that she’s found it she’s hooked. 

Johnson likes the flavor of it and the fact that, “it can be titrated up or down almost infinitely to reach the perfect amount for the desired effect.” Meaning that you can change the amount based on your personal preference. She has been using it “as an adjunct treatment for anxiety, pain, and difficulty falling asleep.”, but it’s important to research why you would want to use it and whether or not it will help. 

Johnson goes on to write about how the cannabis taste is the least noticeable of any product she’s tried and that the honey is delicious and locally produced, as well as the CBD. She mixes it into her tea and an hour later begins to feel the effects of the full-spectrum product. All of our CBD products are full spectrum which means they have other cannibinoids besides CBD and THC which work together to give the user a full experience. 

This is just one user’s experience but we wanted to highlight her well-written article about what CBD honey did for her. Click here to read the full article! 

Click here to try out some of our honey for yourself! Let us know what you think!

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below!

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