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Able Hemp has the most effective and trustworthy CBD products on the market. We stand by our products 100%.

At Able Hemp we want you to feel confident in the products you buy from us. Knowing that we only produce our unique products with trustworthy CBD oil (our own) and with full compliance testing too. Our products are tested for potency and pre-harvest compliance by Greenleaf labs out of Portland Oregon. As leaders in the Cannabis Industry Greenleaf has been our most trusted lab since day one. With qualified technicians and testing you can trust, it’s with great confidence that we use Greenleaf labs. We also champion them as a female minority-owned business.



Not only do we comply with state and federal government regulations, but we also champion them. These rules are in place so that the public can trust the products they consume. As of 2022 new regulation went into place with the passing of HB 3000 in the Oregon senate. This bill gave the OLCC the ability to regulate hemp products meant for retail as well as THC cannabis and alcohol. What that meant for us is that we now have a limit of THC that can be in our products. No more than 2mg of THC can be in an individual serving of a CBD item if sold outside a dispensary. Additionally, only 20mg THC per container. If you look at our product supplement facts you will see that we state how much is in each of our products clearly.

Compliance Testing

After harvest and drying, we use Greenleaf lab to test for potency and pesticides to ensure our product is safe, clean, and ready for processing. After the hemp Extract is made, we have an Oregon food-product mandated “full-compliance test” ran so that we know with absolute confidence that our oil is safe for human consumption. This testing allows us to use our hemp extract in all our CBD products.

Once the extract is ready and tested we begin to make our products. During this process, we run potency tests on finished products to make sure we hit the exact amount of CBD we want. This process is very calculated and needs to be incredibly accurate and precise. We use state-calibrated, high sensitivity scales to measure our products and hemp extract perfectly. All of Nick’s years working in the Oregon wine industry taught him patience when calibrating, calculating, and formulating any addition. Always considering that people in his community are going to be consuming these end products. Once Nick has a batch ready to test, he calls up Greenleaf labs and they pick up batch samples, It’s that easy! While the proof is in the pudding, the numbers don’t lie either. Click on the product links below to see our results. If you don’t understand what the results mean, that’s okay. Below the list of COAs, I explain the process of calculating the CBD expressed on the COA.

Able Hemp testing results

Product/ raw material (click on the product for COA) *Must use a chrome browser to view COA’s lab Batch # date of most recent test Retest COA if applicable Current Able Hemp Batch# Lab Used
Raw, Full Spectrum CBD extract 2002932 3/31/20   N/A Tested by Columbia Labs
Whole Plant salve flower material 2004014 1/16/20   N/A
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract- 1,000mg 2207027 02/08/22   ablehemp2021_11/22HE
1oz Whole Plant salve- 1,000mg 2214026 3/29/22   ablehemp2022_3/29-WPS
4oz Able Hemp Honey- 1,000mg 2120008 05/07/21   ablehemp2021-5/07-HJ
Able Hemp Honey Sticks-24mg ea 2031013 7/24/20   ablehemp2020-7/23-HS
Able Hemp 5 pack Honey Sticks- 35mg ea 2134045 08/11/21



Our full compliance test for our distillate oil was tested by Columbia Labs due to the oil processors’ relationship with that lab. We have independently confirmed all CBD Potencies With Greenleaf. Our repetitive testing allows us the confidence to tell you that our CBD products are trustworthy and as you know, effective. It is this dedication to quality that allows us the confidence to bring you the most trustworthy CBD products around.

How do you read a COA?

Reading a COA (certificate of analysis) can be a bit confusing. Check out these pointers to make sure you are reading them right.

The first page is normally a synopsis of the cannabinoids analyzed. find the cannabinoid you are interested in and look at the first number to the right of it. This will be the percent of that compound found in the unit measured. So, if a 4 oz Able Hemp honey jar was analyzed the percent measured will be relative to the four oz jar. Similarly, if the unit was an Able Hemp extract then the number represented will be relative to the one oz jar it’s in. Now, Here is where things can get confusing. Imperial measurements and the metric system don’t mix well. Check out the table below to better understand.

product CBD percent CBD mg/g Net contents weight in grams total CBD
AH Honey .7326 7.326 140 grams (4oz of honey) 1,025.64
1oz salve 3.596 35.96 28 grams (1oz of salve) 1,006.04

The rest of the COA tells you about other cannabinoids found when tested and can be calculated similarly. Also, there is normally information about quality control and in the case of our Raw CBD extract, there will be pesticide and pathogen sections for consumer safety as well. Once the raw extract is tested for full compliance we are good to go in terms of formulating/manufacturing our products.

Our products are full-spectrum meaning they do contain a very small amount of THC (about 0.1- 0.03% or 3-10 times less than the federal limit). So, If you are concerned about THC in our products, please reach out to us before purchasing as some people are very sensitive to THC. Because of this, our product might not be right for you, but we would still appreciate the opportunity to talk to you and learn about what you do like. At the end of the day, we are here for you. To help you be your best self and feel more Able.

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