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Able Hemp’s products, including our CBD honey, are cannabinoid-rich containing four different cannabinoids. Mostly CBD, with lesser concentrations of  CBC, CBG, and THC (<0.3%). Our products are a direct representation of the cannabinoid ratios that naturally occurred in our hemp plants. Nothing added and nothing removed. All natural. 

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Whether making CBD honey or farming, sustainability matters to us.

All of our CBD products are made with our own Oregon-grown hemp from our farm in the Willamette Valley. We farm using gentle, sustainable practices for the earth and our plants because it is critical to achieving the highest quality full-spectrum hemp extract. We are not certified organic but we do follow the same practices and it may be something we pursue in the future. For now, we are satisfied with our sustainable approach which also includes our size. At one acre we are efficiently maximizing our yield to our resources used. Our farm may be small at one acre, but when you see the positive impact we can have with it, it’s more than enough.

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Check out all of our CBD products including our CBD Honey sticks, CBD extract, or our extra-strength whole-plant salve with menthol.

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