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Able Hemp, our passion for sharing this beautiful plant is cultivated through personal experiences of CBD’s therapeutic benefits and our love of sustainability. Having used CBD for years now, we have seen remarkable outcomes in our mental and physical health as well as watched the land around us prosper. Our passion for sustainability and the cannabis plant led us to envision how best to implement our passions.

Education and Stigma

We feel it’s important to erase the negative stigma surrounding cannabis and we believe this can be done through education. Check out our hemp blog and follow us on social media to learn more. We are excited to serve you as we unleash the benefits of hemp. Directly from our farm to you!  

With that said, the sustainability of the land we farm is our focus. We embrace regenerative farming practices like our use of buckwheat as a living mulch, rather than the industry standard of black plastic. We also use organic amendments and management strategies to keep our products and consumers safe from harmful chemicals.

Our CBD oil is a full-spectrum distillate and always will be. Full-spectrum oils are widely getting recognition as a wellness aid as they contain a better representation of the cannabis plant. Our products have been handcrafted with great intent to enhance the efficacy of our full-spectrum CBD oil for each user. We invite you to explore our products and find what’s best for your wellness journey.

About Nick and Kara

Nick grew up just a stone’s throw away from our first acre of hemp in Junction City, Oregon. With a feeling of deep connection to the land and wildlife. His passion for agriculture began as a child growing up in Oregon working on his family’s small winery and vineyard. This followed him through his education at Unity College in Maine and motivated his tenure in Oregon’s premium wine industry.  Nick is now spending his days in the field and the office as grower and leader of Able Hemp. 

Kara’s passion for agriculture is a direct result of living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Since moving here 15 years ago Kara has found herself more connected to whole foods, wine, and of course high-quality cannabis/hemp flower. Kara is often behind the desk of her public accounting practice, but typically there is some dirt under those nails. Kara is also the muse behind our whole-plant salve as her studies led to the development of at-home methods for CBD salves and tinctures that we have long incorporated into our regular wellness routine as well as our products. Seeing the difference CBD has made in our daily lives is where the offering we present to you today originated.

CBD and Helping Our Community

After dreaming, planning, and growing, Able Hemp is now a vital reality.  We’re here to show our community, new and old, what full spectrum CBD is all about and help people have a higher quality of life.

We believe in grassroots business growth and want our company to first benefit the community that has done so much in moulding us as individuals and leaders. 

Get in touch today and try some of our grower-direct full-spectrum CBD products and realize the difference of not just full spectrum CBD, but also the difference of a company that puts you first.

After all, we are all able.

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