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Our passion for high CBD hemp is cultivated through personal experiences of CBD’s therapeutic benefits and our love of sustainable farming.

Having used CBD for many years now, we have seen remarkable improvements in our mental and physical health. Now we hope to communicate what we’ve experienced to improve our community in hope that they also will feel as we do, more able.


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Education and Stigma

Able Hemp wants to change the negative stigma surrounding cannabis and hemp by communicating our experiences to our community. What we want to do is have an open dialog of how full-spectrum CBD can be a useful tool to help manage your wellness journey, wherever you find yourself currently.

How we incorporate wellness and education into our farming.

Our wellness journey goes beyond our physical bodies and carries over to our farming philosophies. Sustainability of the land we farm is one of our primary focuses, using regenerative farming practices we wish to see the land better than we inherited it. Additionally, we use “Traditional cannabis growing methods” for growing “big buds” as we use humic acid at transplant, seaweed, and kelp at the onset of flowering. We wish to be transparent in our growing philosophies and teach others what we know. 

The full-spectrum difference. Why THC is an important contributor. 

Able Hemp only produces full-spectrum hemp extract and always will. Full-spectrum extracts are widely recognized as a superior wellness aid compared to isolated CBD alone. As full-spectrum CBD contains a more diverse spectrum of cannabinoids, this is what is termed “cannabinoid-rich”. This means you can take less of a full-spectrum CBD product and feel it more.

The one cannabinoid everyone knows is THC. Many of us have this preconceived notion that THC is bad for us and that we should not get caught with it. This has come from decades of war against the cannabis plant and paranoia around its possession. This anxiety is has led many people to still fear cannabis and THC and we are here to affirm to you that THC is not the issue, but education and open-mindedness is the solution.  We acknowledge that not everyone can use THC yet, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel and cherish how far we have come. 


Who is Able Hemp?


Nick Shown, founder

Nick grew up just a stone’s throw away from our first acre of hemp in Junction City, Oregon. With a feeling of deep connection to the land, his passion for agriculture began as a child growing up in Oregon working in his family’s small winery and vineyard. This followed him through his education at Unity College in Maine studying forestry and motivated his tenure in Oregon’s premium wine industry.  Nick is now spending his days doing what he has always wanted, taking his wellness into his own hands and working at sharing his hard work with his community.

Kara Shown, partner & accountant

Kara’s passion for agriculture is a direct result of living in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Since moving here in 2003 Kara has found herself more connected to whole foods, farming, gardening, and the feeling you get when you connect with real things like soil. Often Kara can be found behind the desk of her public accounting practice, but typically there is some dirt under those nails.

Canine companions

We are also blessed with the help of two incredible canines. “Trucks,” our faithful companion since 2008, and “Hatch,” a newer member but a hard one to forget. Hatch is an 80 lb yellow lab with a personality that is impossible to not fall in love with.

The first harvest was one to remember.

2019 was our first year growing hemp and we could not have done it without help.

We’d like to thank all of our friends and family who have supported us through this process, starting with my dad who let me borrow the family tractor to work our first acre. (the same tractor I learned to drive at twelve)

Tad and Karen at Queen Bee Honey Co, who leased us our first acre and who also supply our source of amazing honey we use in our CBD honey sticks.

To our friend Alan, who helped spread compost on our first acre and is the reason we joke that we only have “one good shovel”.

Our friends Brian and Janel from Philomath who helped harvest hemp and volunteered their time without any complaint.

Also our friend Tim who came to us via a Facebook ad in 2019. You are amazing as I do not know what I would have done without your patience and professionalism. You are truly one of a kind.

As well as many other friends that came and helped, Mara, Jupiter, and all the people we met along the way who helped us harvest nearly 7,000 lbs of raw green hemp our first year. This has been and always will be a team effort and we are so excited to now be able to bring our community products that we labored tirelessly to produce. We couldn’t have done it without these people or our retail business partners in Corvallis and beyond. There are so many to thank, thank you all!

CBD and Helping Our Community


Close-to-home farming

“The feeling I get is hard to put into words, It really feels like coming full circle knowing how this community has shaped me personally. This is exactly why I feel a responsibility to give back”.   

 Nick Shown, founder of Able Hemp

Next steps

After spending that first year focusing on growing, Able Hemp is now focusing on giving back. We’re here to show our community what full-spectrum CBD is all about and we want to help people live a higher quality of life. A life with less stress and a greater appreciation for what wellness can feel like. Life is stressful and we can provide a natural way to relax.

Continued growth

Able Hemp believes in grassroots business growth and wants our company to first benefit the community that has done so much in molding us as individuals. That’s why in 2020 we reached out to our closest community first but it was tough. The spring of 2020 was spent watching the strings of society unravel as the Covid-19 pandemic sent the world into a spiral. What did we do? We built a website to communicate with our customers and build our community. 

Since then, we have teamed up with many Corvallis-based businesses and delivered our local community what they asked for. Sustainable, effective CBD products at reasonable prices. We’ve talked to people from all walks of life, listening to stories of aches and high stress as well as success stories. Each one of these stories opens our minds and in turn, warms our hearts, reminding us of what’s really important. Our community and the stories we all have to tell.

If you haven’t met us yet, get in touch today and try some of our farm-direct full-spectrum CBD products and feel the difference of not just full spectrum CBD, but also the difference of a company that puts you first.


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