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What are CBD Honey Sticks?


Able Hemp makes the best tasting, strongest CBD honey sticks on the market. Using local, raw honey sourced from native pacific northwest Meadowfoam flowers. Not only will you reap the benefits of full-spectrum CBD, but raw honey as well!

Learn more about our relaxing CBD honey sticks below.

35mg in each CBD honey stick!




 What’s in Able Hemp CBD honey sticks?


  1. Raw, Meadowfoam flower sourced, honey (Sourced locally from Benton County, OR.)
  2. MCT oil (medium chain triglycerides aka fractionated coconut oil. It’s used as a “carrier oil” to spread our CBD extract more evenly in the honey. Also known as a keto superfood)
  3. Full-spectrum hemp extract (Grown by Able Hemp)

Each honey stick has 35mg of CBD, 1.16 mg THC, 1.56mg CBC and .76 mg CBG
These are likely the strongest CBD honey sticks you’ll see on the market.

How do CBD honey sticks help me relax?

CBD, with the help of the additional 3 cannabinoids in our products, creates a very mild calm feeling as it is absorbed into your body. This relaxing feeling is similar to entering a warm house after being outside on a cold day. Or at least that is how I experience it. How much CBD you take dictates how well you perceive it. That’s why we added 35 mg of CBD in each of our honey sticks. This is one of the strongest CBD honey sticks you will likely see, but that’s because we want you to feel it! Don’t be shy about eating more than one though. You may find you are able to enjoy more to help you relax fully.

Will CBD honey get me high? 

No, but you will feel it working. Our full-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids available in our hemp plants. Beyond just CBD, our products contain additional cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, and a small amount of THC. (<0.3%) All naturally occurring in the ratios our plants originally contained. The combination of these cannabinoids helps you relax fully with CBD, re-balancing your body and mind and providing relief.

What’s the difference between CBD honey and gummies?

CBD honey is the perfect way to relax when you need to take a break. Consider it a more natural version of infused gummies, without the refined sugar. In fact, we use raw, unfiltered honey so that you get all the allergen benefits of raw, Willamette Valley, OR honey.

You use meadowfoam honey in your CBD honey sticks, what is Meadowfoam honey?

Meadowfoam is a native Oregon plant that is commercially cultivated for its seed. The plant has beautiful white flowers and an intoxicating smell which is why bees love it. The plant needs bees to pollinate the flower to create the seed, so because of this industry, we get to eat single source, Meadowfoam honey. Possibly the best honey bees have ever created.

Why is MCT oil in your honey sticks? What is MCT oil?

MCT oil is short for medium-chain triglycerides and is considered a metabolism-revving superfood that is beneficial for brain function and energy. It is made from fractionated coconut oil or palm oil and is what allows our hemp extract, which is an oil as well, to bind together and blend into the honey easier. The added oil will also help with the absorption of the hemp extract into our bodies so that it can provide the most relief.

Does the hemp extract and MCT oil separate from the honey?

Yes, it does over time. Kept within the honey stick though, this is okay. Oil and water (honey is water-soluble) do not mix well which is why they will separate over time. While there are products that can make water and oil bind, we find them unnecessary and excessive so we chose not to use them and keep our infused honey as natural as possible.

Will your honey sticks crystalize?

Yes, they will. The hemp extract sometimes likes to crystalize as well so if one starts the other will follow shortly. place the honey stick in a tall insulated mug of boiling hot water. Wait for 20-30 minutes and the honey should be liquid again. When honey and CBD extract crystalize, it is actually a sign of high quality and does not affect the flavor or benefits whatsoever.

Nicks favorite way to enjoy CBD honey sticks:

  • After a long day at the desk, I love to have a CBD honey stick or two to give myself a moment to relax and re-center near the end of my day.
  • I put CBD honey sticks in my chamomile tea at night to help me relax and fall asleep.
  • I take CBD honey sticks while out for a walk with the dogs.
  • Before, after or during a fun weekend activity like going to our local garden center, relaxing with friends at brunch, or while having a picnic with the family.
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