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“I’ve finally found the CBD product that works. And it’s delicious.” -Angela Johnson

Read more about a local woman’s trial through different full-spectrum hemp products to find what works best for her. Also find out how she ended up discovering our CBD honey, and why she’s so excited.

Our Full Spectrum CBD Products:

Phytocannabinoid rich products with a CBD dominant profile is what makes our products work so well.

Grower Nick Shown cultivates our full spectrum hemp from germination to harvest.  Full-spectrum hemp products, like ours, include the full expression of the hemp cannabis plant, meaning they contain cannabinoids like CBD, CBG, CBC, and importantly some THC (less than 0.3%), as well as other compounds like terpenes which provide the powerful aroma of cannabis. It’s the combination of all of these elements that provide a synergistic effect. This is when the combination together is stronger than the sum of the individual parts. We understand that not everyone can or wants to experience THC, but for those who do and can, that very small amount of THC in our products makes them much more effective.To learn more about the Endocannabinoid System check out our blog post “The Endocannabinoid System: Why you should know about it”
Green Leaf labs is our lab of choice for all our potency testing with our products. They are the first accredited lab in the state of Oregon and as a women owned business we champion them as both leaders and role models.  

Able Hemp products are here to help you through your wellness journey.

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with a little hemp, we are all able
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