Offering farm-direct CBD products. Come try our delicious CBD honey sticks and feel the difference of full-spectrum CBD!

“I’ve finally found the CBD product that works. And it’s delicious.” -Angela Johnson

Read more about a local Corvallis woman’s trial through different full-spectrum CBD products to find what works best for her. Also find out how she ended up discovering our CBD honey, and why she’s so excited.

Oregon-Grown, Full-Spectrum CBD

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What makes Able Hemp’s CBD products the best?

  • Farm-Direct (We grow our Hemp using sustainable practices, that’s why we know it’s the best!)


  • Full-Spectrum (Cannabinoid rich, containing CBD, CBC, CBG and <0.3% THC)


  • The best Ingredients (Quality in is quality out. We source as many ingredients as we can locally and source only the best additional ingredients we can find.)


  • Third-Party tested and certified by Greenleaf Labs.


  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Contact us if you’re not happy with your purchase and we will refund your purchase 100% opened or not! *Good for 365 days after purchase date!

Greenleaf labs are our lab of choice for all our potency testing. Our certification through them means that our products have been confirmed as accurate and our website vetted for any misleading information. They are the first accredited lab in the state of Oregon and as a women-owned business, we champion them as both leaders in the industry and role models. 


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